Susan Scollon

I have always been interested in EASTERN METHODS OF HEALING. My passion has led me to practises in Japanese Reiki, Tibetan Buddhism & Chinese Medicine.

I first began studying Chinese Medicine in 2008 and have been practising since 2013.  Further studies taught me to use a particular style of acupuncture know as the balance method (DISTAL ACUPUNCTURE). This means I use acu-points away from the site of pain. I believe needling an area already in crisis will only exacerbate the situation. Instead, I focus on areas of health to remodel the body as a whole unit.

More recently I have began practising CRANIOSACRAL RELEASE. This technique helps restore a free flow of cerebrospinal fluid around the central nervous system. A gentle hands on healing approach, mobilises the soft tissue of the head, spine and pelvis. This is a great method for releasing trauma injuries of the neck, jaw and back.

I am currently operating a MOBILE ACUPUNCTURE BUSINESS. With my table and equipment I come to your house. My clients find home visits convenient, practical and comfortable. This service saves my patients time and is not offered by many other acupuncturist’s.

Healing Philosophy

MY APPROACH is to create conditions that foster ones own natural healing potential. Sometimes in the course of life we forget to trust the tools we inherently posses to generate our own health. A clear example of this is the miracle of life. We all began as a single cell that divided to create another, the same capacity that allowed us to develop into a fully functional human being.

In order to access one’s own healing potential, the body’s pain signal must be interrupted. I USE ACUPUNCTURE TO TAKE AWAY PAIN. When pain nerves are no longer present, the body will naturally abort crisis mechanisms.  Inflammation and immobilisation are natural responses to injury and infection. Acupuncture trips the brain into relinquishing this injury protection. Blood vessels begin to open again allowing the free flow of anti-inflammatory agents and restorative nutrients. The result for you, the patient, is less pain, and restored functionality.

I TREAT PAIN. All pain is neurological. Acupuncture’s benefits operate in the sphere of nerves. But when I talk about “pain”, I am also referring to any sharp, dull, shooting, throbbing, numbing, tingling, or tense discomfort.

YOU WILL FEEL THE EFFECTS OF ACUPUNCTURE IMMEDIATELY. I expect an instant change in my patient’s condition. But for lasting results, acupuncture is to be experienced as a therapy, meaning regular treatments. Depending on the severity of the condition, these treatments may need to be often in the beginning. It’s about building momentum and consolidating a new way of being