Cranio-sacral release

Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine practitioner

Susan Scollon

My approach is to create conditions that foster ones own natural healing potential. The result for you, the patient, is less pain, and restored functionality.

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Teddy bear belly

Hearing your Teddy Bear Belly through the Mind-field of Dietary Doctrines When my stomach is most happy it reminds me of a TEDDY BEAR BELLY. Lovely and round. Hanging out in a relaxed manner. Empty pockets between the stuffing, allowing for…

The Breath Of Life

It made perfect sense for me to add CRANIO-SACRAL RELEASE to my healing toolbox. Just like Chinese Medicine, it shows that MOTION IS ESSENTIAL TO FUNCTION. And that a full and balanced distribution of our bodies vital flow (Qi, blood and…

Excessive exercise. Be careful.

The CONCEPT of ramping up exercise to improve health, needs to be checked out. It is especially questionable when people are suffering from ADRENAL FATIGUE. A huge bunch of people rely on adrenaline as their energy source. The adrenal…